Conectando fronteras: Cómo enviar dinero al extranjero.

Connecting Borders: How to Send Money Abroad.

Whether for work, family or friendship, there are times when we need to send money across borders. In this digital age, the process has evolved to be faster and more efficient. However, it is critical to know our options, understand the costs involved and ensure the security of our transactions. Join us on this journey to discover how to connect financially with loved ones and businesses in other countries.

Options for Sending Money Abroad

  • Bank transfers: Through our bank, we can send money to accounts in foreign banks. It is a reliable option but usually has higher costs.
  • Specialized remittance services: Companies such as Western Union or MoneyGram are specifically dedicated to sending money abroad. They are usually fast and have wide coverage in many countries.
  • Online applications and services: Platforms such as PayPal, TransferWise (now known as Wise) or Remitly offer services for sending money abroad, often with lower fees and fast processing times.
  • Prepaid cards: Some choose to send international prepaid cards that the recipient can use as a debit card.

Associated Costs

When sending money overseas, it is vital to be aware of:

  • Sending fees: These depend on the service and sometimes on the amount we are sending.
  • Exchange rate: Some services may offer less favorable exchange rates and earn money on the conversion.
  • Additional fees: There may be additional costs for urgency in sending or for receiving the money in cash instead of an account.

Tips for Sending Money Safely

  • Research the platform or service: Before using a service, research reviews and make sure it is reliable.
  • Avoid sending money to strangers: Scams are common. Make sure you know the recipient and that the reason for sending is legitimate.
  • Protect your data: As with any online transaction, make sure you use strong passwords and do not share sensitive information.
  • Keep receipts: In case of problems, having proof of the transaction can be critical to resolving any issues.

Bridging Worlds with Every Remittance

Sending money overseas is no longer the arduous task it used to be. With the right tools and services, we can reach out to loved ones and businesses with ease. As we move forward on this financial journey, let’s continue to learn and make the most of every resource available. Don’t miss our next articles – see you next time!


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